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The number of hours the cats sleep

Number of sleeping hours:

Cats Cats need a period ranging between 13-16 hours of sleep per day, and the number may vary and change according to the place in which the cats live, namely: domestic cats that sleep often because of boredom, because they are not exposed to much fresh air outside and their need for rest and sleep is reduced, and on the contrary. Street cats who spend a lot of effort in searching for different food sources to secure food, consuming a lot of energy, and for this they need a lot of sleep to charge energy during sleep, however, street cats are less sleepy than house cats due to the large activity of the first, and the lack of activity of the second.

Reasons why cats sleep a lot:

Energy conservation Cats are a family of predators that live physiologically to hunt and hunt specifically at night times, and cats are similar in that to a lion that follows a similar system based on sleeping during the day and hunting during the night, and cats still possess the wild tendency that appears when needed, Such as: chasing after playing at home, searching for prey outside the house, and other situations in which it consumes a lot of energy and sleep helps it save energy for later use in running, jumping, climbing, flying and other different hunting instincts, even though they are pets that live in the house Age determines the number of hours of sleep that cats need, so for big cats over seven years old, the number of hours they need is less compared to newborn kittens, whose sleep continues almost all day in the first weeks of birth until the age of the year. Also, diseases and health conditions such as arthritis and other joint problems increase the number of hours of sleep of cats, due to impaired movement and pain, which is reduced by taking medications and nutritional supplements recommended by the veterinarian For the case, increases the movement of the cat comfortably


The kitten is born with blind eyes, and its eyes open between the seventh and tenth day of birth, where the retina of the eye is weak at first and the vision is blurred, and it is not able to see well as in the ten-week-old kittens, and all of them have blue eyes when they are born, then They change after two months to appear permanent, and kittens are born deaf with closed auditory channels, and after two and a half weeks these channels open and the cats begin to hear, and on the eighteenth day they begin their first steps in walking, and kittens are born without teeth, and within the first 4-6 weeks the teeth begin The temporary appearance, and then lose it after that at the age of 3-4 months to grow other, until the number of permanent teeth 30 years.