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Feeding the kitten

Feeding a kitten requires observance of some basics, including: Feeding a kitten depends on meeting its daily needs of nutrients that can be obtained through commercial cat food. Providing fresh water. Check and replace the cat's food four times a day. Pay attention to the food manufacturer's instructions about the recommended amount of meals, and not to overindulge in order to avoid the young cat becoming obese. Monitoring the cat's weight constantly to watch out for obesity or thinness. To consult a veterinarian about the proper principles for feeding a young cat according to his special needs.


Kittens are similar to children in their need for plenty of sleep on a daily basis, as sleep is a prerequisite for the growth and development of the young cat's proper physical and behavioral, and it is possible to notice that kittens usually fall asleep quickly in the moment after their play as a result of their feeling of exhaustion, It is imperative to make sure that the kitten gets the sleep it needs.

The heating:

Young cats need to stay warm, and this can be achieved by providing a heating pad and placing it near it, or using a bottle containing hot water that is wrapped by a towel to perform the same purpose, and using a heater is possible, but this requires care to place it so that it is at a distance It allows the kitten to move without approaching it, in addition to the need to consult a veterinarian about the appropriate temperatures to provide for the child

Waste bin:

It is imperative to provide a special litter box in which the little cat fulfills its need, so that it is wide and includes one of the short edges that allows the little cat to pass through it, and it must also be trained on that and directed towards this box to know that it is the place designated for this process. Dirt, sand, or any dry and loose materials and waste upon reaching the age of four weeks, even if they have never seen their mother or older cats do so, so it is recommended to put the kitten in this box at intervals, after eating a meal, after playing, or after taking a nap, as from Some cat urine or feces may be left in the box to indicate where the scent is.