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10 strange facts about cats that you will surely marvel at


There is no doubt that cats are very popular as pets around the world. Cats are known as loving pets, and of all kinds, all cats are characterized by being feisty and cheerful, and perhaps this is the reason why they get so much admiration.

Perhaps one of the most indicative signs of its great popularity is the spread of numerous videos and pictures on social networks that show different cats in strange funny situations, and it seems that many people have already had cat fever!

Usually people who own cats are able to form strong bonds with their pets. Despite this, it seems that cats have many secrets hidden from many, here are ten facts you probably do not know about these cute creatures:

1- Cats spend a large part of their lives sleeping

All cat owners know that they are lazy, sleep-loving animals. But most of them must not realize that cats spend close to 70% of them asleep, without doing anything else at all.

2- Cats can drink salt water

While it is difficult for humans, and impossible for them to be able to drink salt water, it seems that cats do not have any problem in this regard. Since cats have the advantage of filtering water from salt, so cats do not necessarily need to drink fresh water.

3- Cats can hear sounds that we do not hear

Cats can hear ultrasound sounds, like rodents and dolphins, for example.

4- The cat has a third eye

Of the things that many people know about cats as well, is that they have a third eye. This eye is called hawthorn, and most people usually don't notice it, except for professionals.

5- Black cats do not bring bad luck

Many who believe in the matter of luck, black cats are a bad omen. This belief is widespread around the world and in the United States in particular. Surprisingly, black cats have a dissolute reputation elsewhere in the world. For example, many English and Australians consider that encountering a black cat is a sign of good luck!

6- Cats have seven souls

We've always heard of cats who survived strange and extremely dangerous fatal experiences. Even so, it can be hard to believe that some cats have survived even though they fell from very high altitudes. A cunning cat tops the record in this regard, as he managed to fall from the forty-second round of a building and fall directly on the concrete sidewalk and continue alive despite that!

7- You can talk to your cat

Cats have worked over millions of years to develop the tone of their voices, to be able to communicate with humans. Adult cats do not need any sounds to communicate with each other. In fact, the more you talk to your cats, the more you try to develop their communication methods.

8- Cats are trying to take over the world

The cat "Stubbs" became the mayor of the town of Talketna, Alaska, and she lasted for fifteen years! One of the cats was also nominated for the presidency of Mexico City in 2013 as well! These thoughts seem crazy, but cats are already nearing their target.