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Cat allergy: what are its symptoms and How do I treat it?
Cat allergy: what are its symptoms and How do I treat it? Do you know what is cat allergy and its symptoms? How do you fight this sensitivit...
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What is the duration of pregnancy for Shirazi cats
cats-ly 17 February 2021
Duration of pregnancy for Shirazi cats Are you a fan of raising Shirazi cats? It is one of the most beautiful cats that you can raise at hom...
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How do I raise a kitten
cats-ly 16 February 2021
  Feeding the kitten Feeding a kitten requires observance of some basics, including: Feeding a kitten depends on meeting its daily needs of ...
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Do cats see in the dark?
cats-ly 15 February 2021
Seeing cats at night: Cats are crepuscular animals, and they are animals that are active in the period of dawn and dusk, so they need to be ...
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How to train cats
cats-ly 15 February 2021
The cats : Cats are carnivorous animals from the feline family, whose relatives are tigers, cheetahs, and lions. Domestic cats, which are al...
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The number of hours the cats sleep
cats-ly 14 February 2021
Number of sleeping hours: Cats Cats need a period ranging between 13-16 hours of sleep per day, and the number may vary and change according...
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Information about Shirazi cats
cats-ly 13 February 2021
Shirazi cats: Cats belong to the feline family of mammals, which are many types, and from pets that live in the environment surrounding huma...
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10 strange facts about cats that you will surely marvel at
cats-ly 12 February 2021
  There is no doubt that cats are very popular as pets around the world. Cats are known as loving pets, and of all kinds, all cats are chara...
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